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5 Benefits of joining a health pros community

Aggregating with like-minded individuals which share a mutual interest, passion or value is at the core of our evolution. The most influential people in the world were somehow part of a bigger community


Proving the ROI on Outcomes Data Collection

Do you know how to use your outcomes data to your advantage, to ensure you’re getting the very best return on your outcomes data investment? Here are four strategies for proving the ROI of your outcomes data collection.


Why Your Clinic Struggles With Online Reviews

For smaller clinics, online reviews can help bring social proof at that early phase; they help increase (or decrease) the degree of trust felt for an unfamiliar clinic based on feedback from other people with similar needs.


Patient Engagement: From A Patients Perspective

Patient engagement is a long-term journey, rather than just a destination. When it comes to engagement, patients always want to know, “What’s in it for me?”. We address 4 points that patients want from their health professional.


Why Monitoring Outcomes Is Essential To Growing Your Health Service

To run a truly client-centric business, it’s so important to focus on collecting key parameters that directly impact the care you are providing.


Why You Need To Track Health Data

When it comes to quality care, you need as much data as possible to allow you to spot trends and make data-driven interventions.


Regulating Our Beloved Industry

Wecudos cannot regulate the health & fitness industry alone - we need all the health professionals out there who place their client care above all else in life, to join our mission.


Becoming Human: Health Is The First To Suffer

People need to go to work, they need to make a living, they need to take the kids to school etc. But they don’t ‘need to’ eat healthy, or stick to their workout routine or remember to meditate twice a day.


The Client Engagement Problem

What gets people engaged and stay engaged when working with health professionals?


Breaking Down The Barrier Between You And Prospective Clients

How can you as a health professional break down those barriers between them and prospective clients?


Pro Case Study: Stephen Nathan | Facebook Page Exposure

How we helped improve engagement, following and content exposure on Stephen's Facebook Page in 2 weeks. A personal trainer and functional fitness coach who wanted to increase his Facebook Page exposure.