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Patient Engagement: From A Patients Perspective

Patient engagement is a long-term journey, rather than just a destination. When it comes to engagement, patients always want to know, “What’s in it for me?”. We address 4 points that patients want from their health professional.


Why Monitoring Outcomes Is Essential To Growing Your Health Service

To run a truly client-centric business, it’s so important to focus on collecting key parameters that directly impact the care you are providing.


Becoming Human: Health Is The First To Suffer

People need to go to work, they need to make a living, they need to take the kids to school etc. But they don’t ‘need to’ eat healthy, or stick to their workout routine or remember to meditate twice a day.


The Client Engagement Problem

What gets people engaged and stay engaged when working with health professionals?


Breaking Down The Barrier Between You And Prospective Clients

How can you as a health professional break down those barriers between them and prospective clients?