5 Benefits of joining a health pros community

History has proved it.

Human connection is what has made us who we are to this point in time.

But for some reason, most likely connected to our modern busy schedules and the use of social networks, we nearly forget the importance of that face-to-face interaction.

Think about it for a second, when was the last time you joined a group of people you didn’t know before?

Aggregating with like-minded individuals which share a mutual interest, passion or value is at the core of our evolution. The most influential people in the world were somehow part of a bigger community either of peers, friends or mentors that kept them on the right path.

So, what are health professionals missing out on when not getting involved with communities around them?

Here are 5 main benefits that you could experience when joining a community with a purpose.


Have you ever heard the saying ‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’?

Nothing could be more true than this. In his book ‘Mastermind Dinners’ Jayson Gaygnard highlights how when he had nothing left, he turned around his life with the power of connections. Never underestimate the next person you meet.


Think of how you met the people you trust the most in your life. Some cases, were completely random, right? The next person you meet might be your next biggest fan! Or potentially a client or a a connector to a pool of new clients. He/ She could be someone you’d love to collaborate with and set-up a reciprocal referral scheme with... The opportunities are endless.


Be ahead of the curve! The times have evolved but a shocking 50% of health professionals still rely on data collection ON PAPER. Joining a community of fast forward thinkers will introduce you to things and concepts that might make your life so much easier such as automated patient engagement, how to leverage technology in your daily tasks, how to track your patient outcomes in a digital way.


How about ‘that thing’ you always wanted to implement but you never did? Being surrounded by risk takers and people that are deeply passionate about helping others can be truly inspiring for both your business and personal development.


Wouldn’t it be great if you just met someone who’s gone through your current struggles and found a solution to them? Being a business owner often means having to do things on your own and relying solely on your decisions. Being surrounded by people like you, is a great way to find support when needed.

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