Becoming Human: Health Is The First To Suffer

More people are in the workforce than ever before, and this brings its own challenges. As a health professional, you should take into account that most people are ‘busy’. Not just busy with work, but with everything else in life. And if they have health and fitness goals, more often than not these are the first to go out the window when there are problems with any other aspect of their lives.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. People need to go to work, they need to make a living, they need to take the kids to school etc. But they don’t ‘need to’ eat healthy, or stick to their workout routine or remember to meditate twice a day. Because being healthy is a long term goal and one that is dictated by consistent incremental steps, it’s one of the first areas in people's lives that fails so quickly when the going gets tough.

There are super-humans out there that will leverage such difficulties in life to propel them towards their health & fitness goals, but they are few and far between. The vast majority of people subconsciously shut down this aspect of their life as they feel it won't help them solve the issue they have at hand. Can you blame them?

We all have busy lives nowadays, but as health professionals, it’s important to really understand the lives of your clients and make them truly feel that you actually care, can relate to them and most importantly you are the one to mentor them through these rough patches along their journey. No matter how good you are, at the end of the day, it's down to your clients being able to implement your teachings and guidance.

When working with someone new, it's so important to make them feel that you are there for them and that you will not judge them when they will undoubtedly dip at some point. Make them understand that this is natural and part of the game and that you, yourself, face the same struggles from time to time. We remember working on the hospital wards and there being an endless supply of chocolate and cake, which was so weird at the time but looking back made sense as it was an intense, high-pressured environment and an immediate sugar rush feels so good when you are faced with a never-ending list of jobs to do.

So instead of giving up on these busy souls and moving to the next client, spend more time showing them your own daily health choices and the tough decisions you are making. Show them that you are indeed human and sometimes you, yourself succumb to a junk binge now and again. Open yourself up and this will make people trust and like you so much more and make you come across far less intimidating. This will inspire them to do the same with you and we all know, the more data you have to play around with, the better you can ultimately help someone. Adopt this kind of relationship and see your retention rate sky rocket! They will keep coming back to you as people want to work with real people and not robots.