Breaking Down The Barrier Between You And Prospective Clients

How can you as a health professional break down those barriers between you and prospective clients?  

We, as health professionals have the gift of being able to positively impact other people's lives. If we really want to start influencing public health on a larger scale, we need to be open to broadening our reach to educate clients and not just wait for them to come to us. 

Whilst, word of mouth is a popular and well-tested method of acquiring new clients- you are not in control because you are unable to directly influence prospective clients. However, there are two ways to get you and your message in front of your clients: 

Quality content:

a. Content that creates awareness of a problem for prospective clients  

b. Content that helps solve a problem for prospective clients  

By educating your audience, you start to garner trust and authority amongst them. This could be a blog post, a short video or infographic etc. You can learn more about creating quality content from our 5-step marketing guide for health professionals when you sign up to the Wecudos Academy for free.  

Physical presence:

Meeting prospective clients in person has the advantage of fostering trust and a relationship. For example, you can try outdoor group activities or sessions which you can organise using a platform like Meetup. At Wecudos, we hold regular wellness events and feature health professionals in our ‘health pod’ setting to put them in direct contact with their end user. The settings are in specific locations where your ideal clients go to such as gyms, health clubs and health food outlets.

 So ask yourself this question, where does my ideal client hang out?