Regulating Our Beloved Industry

Since launching Wecudos to the world of health professionals, the response and messages of support we have been receiving has been so incredible. Our community is largely growing organically through referrals and it has been so amazing to hear everyone’s feedback (both good and bad!) during this time. Thank you all for supporting our cause and expressing your desire to work with us! We are eternally grateful. At the end of the day, we are all in this together and we all share the same underlying mission: To help as many people as possible achieve their health, fitness and wellbeing goals through our knowledge, skills and experience as health professionals.

The more professionals we have spoken to about our journey to getting to this point, the more a recurring theme seemed to connect us altogether: That in order to really start making a dent in helping the vast number of people out there who need our professional guidance and support, the stronger and better we had to work together in bringing about positive change to the industry as a whole itself. We only have to look at the example of the NHS at the moment where you can see how a lack of a shared mission leads to a divided, negative workforce, ultimately impacting on the quality of patient care.  

Now, when we first embarked on our mission to build Wecudos a few years ago, we knew that one of the long-term priorities was to eventually better regulate the industry. The Wecudos team is made up largely of experienced health professionals ranging from surgeons and wellbeing coaches to dietitians. We all share the vision that in order to create a just, fair and regulated health system, first of all the health professionals should be treated with dignity and respect and be rewarded for their amazing care. If we manage to do this, we can all work together and slowly rebuild our industry whereby our clients’ results and needs come before anything else and the professionals involved in that journey are appropriately recognised.

We can all share countless horror stories of when we have seen a client being mismanaged by the “jack of all trades” trainer or hear about clients seriously harming themselves by taking the wrong products and supplements. What it really boils down to is that the health & fitness industry has been and unfortunately still is, grossly unregulated. Ultimately people have grown accustomed to performing a google search and trusting the opinions and journeys of people who are nothing like them. People don’t realise that the celebrity diets that are published online have actually been super tailored to that individual’s goals, lifestyle and background health and that it's such a waste of time following them. Apart from this lack of insight into why personalised care is important, the second is trusting that the professional you are working with has the actual real life experience and credentials to get you there safely and efficiently.

Ultimately, and sadly so, more and more is being spent on health & fitness, with public spending on health increasing every year but this has not reflected in the actual number of people who are happy that they know what they are doing. There are literally millions of these “lost souls” and to us at Wecudos, this is literally the saddest thing.

Our singular daily focus has always been to help people become who they really want to be and the amazing thing we are realising is that 9/10 of the health professionals we engage with on a daily basis, also truly want the same thing as well. As health professionals, we have all at some point sacrificed making the big bucks in another profession because of our selfless pursuit in helping others become their best selves.

Along our journey at Wecudos, we have made slow and steady progress towards doing just that and have partnered with several big names in the industry, giving us direct access to their clients and members. We will not stop on our mission and the more fantastic health professionals we get joining our crusade and believing that change is possible, the more powerful we will all collectively become. At some point, our dream is to give health professionals the power to dictate how the health industry should be run.

As Wecudos is 100% data driven, we are constantly tracking data on both our client and professional journeys and linking them back to the programs, diets and retail products they are using. Knowledge is power and data is the evidence-based spearhead that will help us health professionals finally stamp out the people who are in the industry for the wrong reasons and ultimately help anyone achieve their goals with our knowledge and guidance.

Now, Wecudos cannot regulate this industry alone - we need all the health professionals out there who place their client care above all else in life, to join our mission. Together, and only together, we will finally be able to accomplish our reason for choosing our given profession.

If you can relate to this post, please do reach out to us and share your experiences. We would love to hear your unique perspectives on how we can bring about positive change together.