Pro Case Study: Stephen Nathan | Facebook Page Exposure

Stephen initially reached out to us to help him increase his brand awareness online and increase his following on Facebook. He was posting regular content including video content but was not getting the exposure and reach for his hard work. 

Stephen Nathan is a personal trainer and functional fitness coach who believes that people should focus less on machines and more on the natural movement of the body and their own body weight. His speciality is natural movement flow and the exercises are derived from martial arts (Karate and Capoeira), yoga and gymnastics.

We got on a call with him to discuss his requirements and we offered him:

1. A unique custom feature video  

2. Online promotion of his feature video 

3. Facebook Page marketing and exposure

We will highlight the significant improvements to different aspects of his Facebook Page and post metrics here with an explanations and screenshot images. We started his Facebook Page exposure campaign on 6th June 2017.

Unique Feature Video

This was to showcase his story, philosophy and hybrid approach to personal training. Our research has shown that prospective clients want to relate to health professionals on a personal level too before working with them.


Facebook Engagement 

Post engagement is one of the factors that determine what content shows up in someone’s Facebook news feed. When a post has comments, like, shares and reactions, this means Facebook will more likely show your content to the people that liked your page. Engagement on Stephens posts and page improved with our intervention and this is evident from the graph below. 

  Sustained improvement in engagement from the start of our campaign

Correlating with the increase in page likes

Facebook Post Reach

We set up a paid campaign to target an audience that could relate to Stephen and his style of personal training. This is really important because showing your content to the right audience has a huge impact on engagement. Here is the audience we targeted:

Facebook's powerful audience targeting

So his post and advert was only being shown to people who were within the criteria specified. Reach is the number of people who received impressions of the post (this is different to impressions, which is the number of times a post from your page is displayed).

A paid advert was setup to increase exposure to the right audience

Facebook Page Views

It’s one thing to promote an advert and get people to like your page from the advert but another story when people see your advert and visit your page to learn more about you. As you can see from the metric below, there was a surge in not just the number of views but the frequency of views during the week.

Facebook Page Views

Facebook Video Views 

We were also able to significantly increase the frequency of Stephen’s video views and hence total minutes viewed since we started his campaign on 6th June 2107, directly addressing his initial concerns about content exposure. After the video we created for Stephen, he was creating his own videos to showcase the diversity of his exercises and these subsequently gained more views and engagement without us having to work on them. This shows that by targeting the correct audience, they are more likely to follow your page which means they will see more relevant content which in turn increases the engagement of your future posts. 

Significant increase in videos views since the start of our campaign

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