Why You Need To Track Health Data

Your client or patient is seen by multiple professionals during their clinic visits but is their health data recorded and monitored? Current care decisions are mainly based on old and not-so-relevant data and this leads to poorer outcomes with a higher margin for error.

For example, in the digital marketing space, you will see that everything is tracked. What gets tracked, gets measured and this leads to insights which allow for interventions. We believe that this is the future and should be implemented by health professionals and providers to improve patient and client outcomes.

What healthcare providers need is a holistic approach to the services they offer and the management of their patients & clients. It starts with the ability to record and track all health data. The reason for this is multifactorial:

1. Engagement and retention

How engaged are your clients? What is your retention rate? Our research has shown that there is a 50% improvement in client engagement and retention with a health & fitness professional when the main communication channel was an Instant Messaging platform.

2. Validation

What makes you different to your competitors? By tracking your patients & clients data, you have a powerful tool to help you prove that your approach to their care is the industry gold standard. Cold hard data is a better indicator of your track record than just testimonials.

3. Quality Assurance

Are all patients & clients receiving the same quality of care? As a health service provider you should be able to have a high level view of the performance of your professionals. By recording client-professional interaction data you can ensure a consistent high standard of care.

4. Performance

Are you tracking the key progress parameters that measure outcomes? You may already be using recording these however, in order to make the best and most effective interventions you need to be able to visualise this in a graphical representation.  

5. Scalability

How are you planning to expand and scale your service? Tracking data and gleaning useful insights allows you to automate certain operational and workflow processes. This significantly improves efficiency and can help reduce cost which will allow you to scale.

6. Industry Regulation

Are you helping to regulate your industry? All healthcare providers need to play a role in ensuring they do their part. By understanding the importance of tracking data and implementing it in your service, you will be recognised as a leading data-driven healthcare provider that offers quality care and one that patients & clients can trust.

When it comes to quality care, you need as much data as possible to allow you to spot trends and make data-driven interventions. In addition, predicting outcomes becomes much more easier through the tracking of retrospective data. If you want to find out how we can help you stay one step ahead of the game, sign up to get a free assessment of your current care pathways.